Dyna Star Aluminum Shaft (Medium)

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Standard Package: 3 Shafts
Manufacturer: Dyna Star
Item #: A-DXL75-cl
Shipping Weight: 0.3 Lbs

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All shafts are sold in a set of 3

DynaStar's unique design has eliminated shaft tops. The shafts are tucked safely inside the flight, protecting them from incoming darts.

Durability: The same design feature that helps improve your game also reduces wear and tear. Add to this a high strength thermal plastic and you have the longest lasting flights and shafts sold today.

Easy Installation: Simply slide the shaft into the flight and snap into place. In just seconds you're ready to compete.

Shaft Length: 2"  The A-DXL75-cl shaft has an extra long aluminum base for greater shaft strength.  (Unless otherwise specified, shaft measurements are approximate and are measured from the end of the threads to the tip)

Select Options:  Shaft Color - Black, Blue, Purple, Red or Silver


Flights: The player has two options for flights. First are the unique molded DynaStar Flights (click to view), a product that helps eliminate robin hooding, provides greater flight durability and easy installation. Or, use the unique Dyna Top Adapter (click to view) that allows the player adapt the DynaStar shaft system to any flight used in a traditional shaft.

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