Dyna Star TriStar Blue

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Standard Package: 3 Flights
Manufacturer: Dyna Star
Item #: DS-TS-03
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DynaStar's Rotating Flight Gives You the Winning Edge!!!

Tighter Groupings:  DynaStar flights dramatically reduce deflections. When struck by another dart they rotate, offering little resistance for an uninterrupted path to the target.

Improved Accuracy:  DynaStar flights are molded to achieve the perfect aerodynamic form.  This solid one-piece design produces consistent uniform flights that deliver precise trajectories.

Virtually Eliminates Robinhooding:  You can't hit what isn't there. DynaStar's unique design has eliminated shaft tops.  The shafts are tucked safely inside the flight, protecting them from incoming darts.

Durability:  The same design feature that helps improve your game also reduces wear and tear.  Add to this a high strength thermal plastic and you have the longest lasting flights and shafts sold today.

Easy Installation:  Simply slide the shaft into the flight and snap into place.  In just seconds you're ready to compete.



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