Championship Billiard Fabric Tour Edition 8' Cloth - Wine
Bed & Rail Size
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Championship Billiard Fabric Tour Edition 8' Cloth - Wine

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Brand: Championship Billiard Cloth
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Built for competitive play, Championship's Tour Edition cloth is a 24 ounce, worsted wool cloth. Fast, accurate and the most durable, divot resistant tournament quality cloth in the industry. Tour Edition cloth will out last it's nearest competitor by 30% (in comparable playing conditions). Championship Tour Edition's 2-ply construction, extra weight, proprietary material formula, manufacturing process and final finishing process, make it fast, accurate and the most durable, divot resistant tournament quality cloth in the industry. Championship Tour Edition's finishing process includes an exclusive sheering and vacuum decating procedure which creates the smoothest, most consistent playing surface of any competitve play cloth. Tour Edition cloth is a 70% wool and 30% nylon blend which stretches easier than other high-end worsted wool cloths, making it much easier to install.


  • No Hidden Defects in Cloth
  • Playing Surface Identified for Ease of Installation
  • Soft Fold in Cut Beds and Rails
  • Superior Wear and Consistent Play


  • Color:  Wine
  • Weight: 24 oz.
  • Blend: 70% Wool / 30% Nylon
  • Cut Bed Size: 54"W x 100"L (fits 8' Table)
  • Cut Rail Size: 6"W x 50"L

What's Included

  • 1 Bed and 6 Rails
  • 2 "Championship" Spots
  • 2 Pieces Matching Silver Cup Chalk - Wine


  • Your Championship cloth has been carefully cut, packaged and inspected. Please Re-Inspect Cloth Bed and Rails BEFORE Installation.  ALL CLAIMS MUST BE PRESENTED TO CHAMPIONSHIP PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. Championship WILL NOT accept or approve any claims after installation has been completed. Returns of cloth that have been stapled, cut, glued or otherwise installed and/or altered from it's original condition will not be accepted. Installations performed by an end-user, or anyone other than a professional installer, will void all claims after installtion.

    Note that surface burns, racking marks and ball marks, resulting from normal play, can be expected.  These occurances are NOT flaws or defects of the product.  Using a soft brush and/or vacuuming the table, using a hose attachement, will help minimize buildup of chalk dust and assist in the general care of your cloth.