Fit Flight - Hot Pink Shape

Fit Flight - Hot Pink Shape

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Package: 3 Flights


COSMO DARTS has designed and evolved durable molded flights in an original way. Fit Flight reduces deflections and maintains consistency in the air by reducing unnecessary parts. The rigid material of the Fit Flight gives your darts more sense of stability. These flights come in various shapes and colors that will suit any player. Fit flight dart flights are highly durable molded flights that reduce deflections and maintain consistency in the air.

Fit Flight is the most innovative Flight and Shaft System. The Fit Flights simply pop on and off the Fit Flight shafts. Fit Flight Shafts are available in 2 types - Locked and Spinning. The Push-In system is manufactured to the highest specifications, creating perfect results every time.

NOTE: Fit Flights are only compatible with Fit Shafts


  • 90 Degree Flight Angle
  • Built-in Shaft Protector
  • Reinforced Wing Protector
  • Built-in Flight Protector


  • Type: Molded
  • Shape: Shape
  • Wingspan (mm) (1): 42.6
  • Wing Height (mm) (2): 43
  • Thickness (mm): .45
  • Weight (grams) (1): .86
  • Material: Molded Plastic

What’s Included: 

  • 3 Flights


  • Limited Warranty Only at Delivery. Please call (800) 345-6519 with questions concerning darts and accessories.


  1. Flight thickness, span, height and weight are approximate measurements
  2. Measured from tip of flight to the beginning of the shaft threads


  • Choking Hazard - Children Under 3: This toy is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains one or more of the following items marbles; small ball; or small parts.