GLD 2BA Tufflex Tips S.S. (super short) - Black 1000ct

GLD 2BA Tufflex Tips S.S. (super short) - Black 1000ct

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Brand: GLD
Package: 1000 per Bag
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2BA Tufflex Tips® S.S (super short) - Black

Soft dart tips can wear out and break after heavy use, bringing your game to a halt if you don’t have extras on hand. The Viper 2BA Tufflex SS Tips are crafted to last hundreds of throws, and meant to be thrown longer than starter tips that will break after only a handful of throws. These tips measure 15/16” in total length and fit all compatible 2BA dart threads. The Tufflex SS dart tips feature a special locking hole which allows an extra tight fit to dart barrels. You won’t find yourself needing to retighten tips after a few throws. A secure hold to dart barrels reduces wobbling in flight and reduces deflection. A reinforced inner core lends extended life to your tips and are designed to withstand the force of a high speed throw from an experienced darter. Available in blue or black.

  • Soft tip dart tips can wear out and break after heavy use, and it is essential to have extras on hand so your dart games can continue without pause.
  • Features a reinforced inner core that is able to withstand the force of a most dart throws.
  • Each soft tip dart point measures 15/16” in total length (3/4" not including the thread).
  • Special locking hole provides an extra tight fit, securely holding to dart barrels to prevent wobbling in flight which can cause deflection and missed shots.
  • Viper 2BA Tufflex Tips SS soft tip dart points are compatible with all 2BA size dart threads.

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