Harley Davidson® Flame Throwline

Harley Davidson® Flame Throwline

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Harley Davidson® Throw Line

Harley-Davidson® Flame Throw Line for Darts, 61954. It was a dark night in 1896 Lancashire, England, when a carpenter devised the game of darts as it is generally played today. Actually, we’re not sure if it was day or night, but the story sounds better if it were night, because when the day’s work is done it’s time for a friendly game of darts. To keep it friendly, it needs to be fair, and to be fair, the throw line needs to be known and plainly seen. This is exactly what this throw line does. Made of durable Lexan for long life, place it on the floor so that the bottom of the line is placed at 7 feet 9 1/4-inches from the dart board, according to our research. The Harley-Davidson® graphics are applied underneath the Lexan using a reverse silk-screen process to protect the graphics from unscrupulous players who might step on the line. This throw line is 4-inches high, and almost 2-feet wide (23-inches). This throw line features two Bar and Shield® logos separated by orange Harley-Davidson® lettering amidst orange flames. The words "Starting Line" is printed at the bottom to avoid disputes. Made under Harley-Davidson® license by Dart World®.

  • Not a Bumper Sticker
  • Durable Lexan material
  • reverse silk-screened process
  • No cheating allowed here
  • Dimensions: 4 x 23 inches