Harrows Martathon Dimplex Clear with Black Edge Standard

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Brand: Harrows
Item #: 14060
Package: 3 Flights
Shipping Weight: 0.01 Lbs


Marathon Dimplex Flights

 Marathon Dimplex flights are thicker harder flights which have been embossed with a texture. The bumpy or ribbed surface tends to stiffen the flight. The extra surface area adds a small amount of drag to the flight, which, with some dart designs, makes the dart slightly more stable. Due to increased thickness, this type of embossed texture makes insertion into metal shafts a little harder. The dart player may need to use a dart tool or knife blade to gently spread open the slots at the back of the shaft. Flight thickness is 100 microns.

  • 3 flights per set
  • Est. Flight Surface Area: 32.88 cm2