L-Style Laro - Clear Red 260

L-Style Laro - Clear Red 260

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Package: 3 Shafts


Laro Shafts’ durability and compatibility is what LARO is best known for.  It was durable through a drop test of two-story height, and still found it unbreakable from the screw.  The dilemma occurred when a tip hit the flight insertion from behind and caused destruction, but the development of the Champagne Ring solved it all.  By using natural resin, it prevents all the problems that both nylon and aluminum shafts had.  It is strong, unbreakable and forever lasting. It is compatible to all types of flight however it is made perfectly for Flight-L.  The slit in the shaft is designed for the flight to fit tight and adjustable to all thickness.  It is applicable with no ring as well.


  • Compatible with any type of flight.  Specifically designed to work well with Champagne Flights and Flight-L.
  • Ultra-durable polycarbonate construction
  • Super-strong hold
  • Easy to insert opening
  • Works with any dart with standard 2BA threads.
  • 3 shafts per package
  • Length: 26mm



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