Moveable Point

Moveable or retractable point dart sets have the added advantage of dramatically reducing bounce-outs and are available only in steel tip darts. These darts are specially made with the front end of the dart drilled out to except a collar and point with enough room for the point to act like a piston (moving in and out). This major innovation revolutionized the dart barrel and the industry when it was introduced over 30 years ago. The advantage happens when a dart hits a wire the point retracts and lifts slightly and the energy from the darts forward thrust forces the point past the wire into the board resulting in a scoring dart. Depending on the point design some darts, like the “Power Point”, will rotate on the point allowing for fewer deflections and tighter groups much like that of the “Top Spin” shaft. The most popular "movable point" darts are Bottelsen's HammerHead series and Harrows Power Points.