Shot Rogue Bristle Dartboard
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Shot Rogue Bristle Dartboard

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Brand: Shot
Item #: 25-30112
Package: Unit Price
Dimensions: 18" x 1.5"
Shipping Weight: 14 Lbs


Limited Quantities

The Rogue is your go-to guy for a good time, anytime. Affordable, and loads of fun, this official tournament spec (18” x 1 ½”) bristle dartboard features strong round-wire construction with slim wire fasteners and a staple free bullseye to enhance your impressive scoring prowess.

This full size 18" x 1 1/2" dart board gives you an edge against competitors. There are no staples preventing bounce outs, which means better scores every time. With strong round wire construction for easy scoring, The Rogue is also made from quality sisal, a high-density fiber that is compressed into a sturdy dartboard. We use durable inks that will provide a vibrant colorfast surface, meaning this board will stay looking good for longer. Use the enclosed bracket for easy installation. You’ll find easy to follow instructions inside along with the rules for fun and popular games such as round the world, cricket and 301.


  • Official Competition Size Dartboard -- This full size 18" x 1 1/2" dart board complies with tournament specifications to ensure quality and to give you an edge against competitors
  • Reduced Bounce Outs - The use of ultra slim wire fasteners means better scores every time!
  • Made from Quality Sisal – Shot’s sisal bristle dartboards which allows self-healing. The fibers expand when a dart tip is removed to close the area around the puncture
  • Non-fade Colors - we use highly visible inks that last ensuring a colorfast surface after use
  • Easy to Install - Includes an easy to hang bracket system
  • Staple Free Bulls-eye, with ultra-thin round wire construction
  • Recommended for Indoor Use Only


  • Dimensions: 18” x 1 ½”
  • Weight: ~ 12 lbs.
  • Segment Colors: Red- Green Double/Triple/Bull
  • Type of Blade: Rounded - External w/ Staples
  • Number Ring:  White Painted
  • Type of Hanging Bracket: Metal with Center Screw
  • Manufacturing Location: China

What’s Included: 

  • Rogue dartboard
  • Metal hanging bracket w/ screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Darts are NOT included


  • Limited Warranty Only at Delivery. Please call (800) 345-6519 with Questions.


  • Darts is a game of skill for adults. It is dangerous for children to play without proper adult supervision.