Target Darts Precision Lightning Storm - Silver 24 grams

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Brand: Target
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Package: 3 Darts per Set
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Lightning Storm - Silver (24 grams)

Target 90% Tungsten Lightning Storm darts, with Smooth Storm Points, Pro Grip shafts and Target 100 micron flights.  3D CAD design tools allow Target to precisely engineer the gravitational centre of the STORM barrel combined with their unique full machined profiled dart point, allowing the look and feel of a one piece dart.  The grooves are further coated in a Titanium Chrome coating, for a superb looking finish.  Comes complete with Target's unique lifetime barrel guarantee.

Barrel Specifications

Weight Material Length Width (max) Width (min) Point Cut
24 grams

90% Tungsten

2.09 inches 0.28 inches 0.28 inches Smooth Storm Point Groove Grip

   Note 1: All lengths and widths are approximate to the nearest 0.1"

   Note 2: Dart to Dart matched weight +/- 0.05 grams

   Note 3: Life time guarantee on barrel only  (Target Dart Guarantee)

What's Included

Darts Shafts Flights Case

3 Darts Pro Grip Shafts (1 set) Target 100 micron Flights
(1 set)

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